Traxis is the God of Darkness, a Royal God, and brother to Aldis, the heir to the throne of Myth. After his father died, Traxis declared war for the throne on his brother, Aldis, out of jealousy.

History Edit

Traxis was born to the King of Myth as the second son, with his older brother Aldis as the king. After years of hatred towards his brother, the King finally died, and when Aldis was to take the throne, Traxis captured and trapped him in a cage. Years later, Aldis was found and rescued, and defeated Traxis, causing him to retreat to a stronghold in Night. Traxis returned later, this time with an army, and began one of the largest wars Myth has seen.

Personality Edit

Traxis was the opposite of Aldis personality-wise. He was quite malevolent and had a desire for control of all beings. He lacked morals, and was overall very cocky and overconfident. Traxis was also prone to jealousy, that being the reason why he attempted to overthrow Aldis in the first place. He had a no-nonsense demeanor.

Appearance Edit

Traxis dons blackened steel armor, draped all over his form and caused into amorphous, screaming faces whilst coiling with arcs of darkness all over. Significantly taller than a normal God, standing at a good three meters, and with a sheathe of a monumental size at his waist, Traxis' stature often comes off as intimidating. His very face is a mass of swirling, shifting darkness and features, the only unchanging aspect being his round, golden eyes.