Tol'Reth'Mus (AKA "Tol" for short) is a large crystalline entity embodying the Stars. Up until the war between Aldis and Traxis, the Crystalweaver spent all of his time in a sort of forced hibernation/meditation, awoken by the chaotic energy emitted by battling gods. For unknown reasons, the neutral Tol temporarily sided with Traxis, occasionally collaborating with Nulmik in secret.

Appearance Edit

Tol is a large black crystalline spider, hence his numerous titles referencing arachnids. (StarSpinner, Eight Eyes of the Nebulae, etc). His body is composed of crystals of diamondlike density and his eight eyes are spherical purple amethyst gems. Constellation designs have seldom floated across him like living tattoos, however he has never been seen to utilize them, possibly only for aesthetic purpose.

Personality Edit

The CrystalWeaver had a detached outlook of an observer. It has been hinted that he was some sort of scholar, studying the inhabitants of Myth for eons. (Whether this has any correlation to Kinacha's arachnid helpers is unknown.) He is often overly dramatic, notably listing his many titles in a proud declaration. Despite this pride, he has rare moments of humility and respect, even towards his enemies.