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Thomas, the Protector is a Minor God of Speed and loyal servant of Lorea, Goddess of War and Honor. He and his twin Brutus protect Lorea with their lives, rarely making an appearance without the Goddess, and her rarely making an appearance without the twin guards. Thomas works under Aldis due to being with Lorea, and is bound to her by an oath.

History Edit

The Protector and his twin Brutus met Lorea at an unknown time and became her loyal servants, bound by a powerful oath. The effects or the terms of this oath remain unknown, though it is possible that it was through a duel of the ancients, or perhaps the guards took favor in Lorea and honored her enough to sign over their servitude to her, as the Goddess of War. It is possible that they, as Minor Gods of Speed, once served under Acturo, though it is improbable though not impossible. Thomas, his brother, and Lorea always make an appearance together, aiding Lorea throughout all of her battles and loyally empowering her while fighting at her side, often proving to be an asset in taking down an enemy when in battle. One such battle was on Jurallia's storm cloud, where they fought with Lorea against Jurallia and several Minor Gods and Demigods of Storm.

Personality Edit

Like his twin, Thomas rarely speaks and has no lines as of yet, rather remaining completely silent and only acting when ordered by Lorea. Their loyalty to the Goddess of War is absolutely astounding and rivaled by none. It may be because of their nature, or because of the oath that they took to protect her and stand by her side at all times.

Appearance Edit

Thomas appears as a guard with silver armor, with some red and a small bit of cloth. Underneath the armor he wears brown, and nothing is seen of behind the armor besides his visor, where nothing is visible anyway, so what his appearance is underneath the armor and helmet remains a mystery. He also wears a black cape, and carries a simple long sword.

Powers Edit

Though he is a minor God, Thomas' powers are not to be underestimated as he is quite powerful considering the fact that he is a minor God. Because he is minor God of speed, he is able to move and maneuver at extreme speeds, allowing for both more precise accuracy, and more direct attacks.