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Enter the land of Myth where gods battle for their chosen side in a vicious civil war threatening to tear myth apart.addd

Step-by-step Guide on how to add your God! Edit

Okay this is pretty simple.

Step 1: Add your page. It's simple, you'll either use the add page button on this page if it's there, or click contribute in the top right corner of the wiki.

Step 2: Finish up all your stuff and such, or put WIP and finish it later.

Step 3: Down near the bottom of the page you'll see categories and a button that says add category. Click that and type in the name of the god you god serves. DO IT PERFECTLY. The categories are pre-made and if you mispell it or add a space it'll create a new category page. Type it in directly as it appears in the Navbar. Aldis, Traxis, or Neutral. No spaces before or after. Capitalized on the first letter.

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Tears of the Gods
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