There are many instances in which a name of a being is mentioned but does not appear again, or beings that are mentioned but never really seen. Whether they are alive or not is usually unknown, but they often play no immediate role in Tears of the Gods other than backstory.

The Ancients: The Dragon creature currently being disputed over by both sides is a member of an old species of gods known as the Ancients. Little is known about them except that they are vast in power and have all gone dormant since the rise of the Royals.

The Father of the Brothers: The father of Aldis and Traxis and previous king of Myth died to unknown circumstances. Sphere is unknown.

Chaotic Beings: beings and creatures locked in the infinite realm of Chaos.

Takafiel: a god seen only for a split second fighting Nulmik. Sphere is unknown.

Tol's Brethren: Tol once hinted that he had many, countless siblings and that he was the last of their kind.