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Nomani is one of the members of Aldis's Inner Circle. He is, in a sense, the youngest god on the council. He is quite young compared to most gods of Myth but his strength is unquestioned as he serves Aldis with every once of will and power he can muster. Nomani controls the spheres of sound, whispers, and courage.

History Edit

Being the youngest God on the royal council, it is assumed that Nomani took the position sometime during the war against Traxis rather than before. He is however acknowledged to also be the youngest God to ever make a place in the Inner Circle, the title usually presumed to be given to wiser, older, and more intelligent Gods. His loyalty completely unwavered, Nomani was chosen as Aldis' main advisor and planner for the war, along with Astalia, though the latter did not have the position on the inner circle. Nomani has not yet made an appearance, despite being in the Inner Circle of Aldis.

Personality Edit

Nomani is either very quiet or loud, though usually because of his sphere of whispers being quiet. He prefers his opinion to be heard and voiced, however, and he is generally either quite boastful or humble, being the God of Sound. However, his personality is not very much descripted, as he has not made a true physical appearance yet in the story.

Appearance Edit

Nomani appears as a young man with pale skin and short black hair. He wears a light brown leather coat, as well as a blue uniform underneath with white undergarments, lined with a dusty gold color. His eyes are green, and he carries a long cutlass-type sword, decorated with gold and silver designs.

Powers Edit

The God of Sound is known to be able to create and manipulate sound, forming it into blasts and waves. Sometimes, these sound waves are able to stun. His courage also allows him to fight until the end, no matter the stakes.

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