Night is a cavernous, hostile system and underground below Myth. It is somewhat considered a realm, but this is technically untrue as Night is not a separate location from Myth, but merely a place within it, with different ecosystems and properties.

Information Edit

A place of eternal darkness, Night is a highly hostile and dangerous location in Myth, where only gods and demigods with permission may roam unharmed. Demons lurk in the shadows, waiting for a command from their master to strike. Overall, being almost entirely hostile, Night is generally avoided by most but the darker Gods due to a desire to remain unbroken, both physically and emotionally as Night can leave an impact on the mind and body of a being before they leave. There is known to be several entrances to the realm of Night, as well as there being a possible cavern system between Myth and Night. Traxis' palace is said to be somewhere in the realm, though it has not been found. Night is the most unexplored place in all of Myth.