Malyc was a neutral God in the war in Myth. Little is known of his history, except that he may have previously fought with Embrax after he came out of his slumber. He is the God of Dragons and Assassination, residing in a dragon roost somewhere in the world of Myth.

History Edit

Being a God of Dragons, Malyc resided in his own dragon roost, presumably inside or atop a mountain or volcano somewhere in the lands. Malyc bore a son, Drega'Mire, while he lived here at some point. Not much was seen of Malyc during the war, until he came out of his den and wreaked havoc upon a village, when Rory and his son intervened, soon defeating and killing the God and taking his powers, while also killing his son, who was then reborn as the God of Phantoms and Balance.

Personality Edit

Malyc is a wise creature, known for being very powerful yet very secluded in politics, until very recently. Based on his appearance and his influences, he is known for cleverness and a fondness for gold at sometimes and silent bloodlust alongside a thrilling chase in another. His appearance is often based upon his mood, but he normally appears as a Dragon-Humanoid creature and has an attitude of a very, very cunning creature.

Appearance Edit

A Dragon with the posture and body type of a human, he is bipedal. His talons are more hand- shaped, but still have claws instead of nails, his lower talons are similar. His scales seem to change colors, but are most often white with black undertones for formal affairs. He normally covers his head with a black hood and wears a black tunic with a large jacket in front of it, carrying daggers and bombs and poisons. 

Powers Edit

Malyc was known to have the ability to summon dragons, any other powers past that are unknown.