The world where all gods and demigods reside.

Night Edit

The underworld, basically. A place of eternal darkness, where only gods and demigods with permission may roam unharmed.

Chaos Edit

The level below Night. An endless pit, nothing can escape from it, not even a god.

The Quarterlands Edit

Mostly lush green fields, and the occasional forest here and there, this is where most middle- and high-class gods and their servants reside. A beautiful place, it is filled with farms and mansions for the gods.

The Lowlands Edit

Mostly marshs, with a dry patch of desert here and there, this is where many low-class gods and many demigods must live. A hostile area, it is nevertheless valuable because of its seemingly endless fresh water and livestock fields.

The Terrace Edit

A mountainous region, the highest-class gods, immortal heroes, and the royal family itself reside here. Hostile in some places, but beautiful and shining white in others. The royal palace is nested in a valley surrounded by seven mountains, a pass in where an eighth mountain may have once been.