Kayastor, King of Insanity, is the God of Insanity. He served under Traxis until he was killed by Axial, when Alorn, the sphere of Insanity itself, had separated from Axial, the sphere of insanity becoming its own.

History Edit

All that is historically known of Kayastor is the fact that he was not the first insanity god. He hosted Alorn, who was the sphere of Insanity, for an unspecified amount of time, as had previous gods of insanity for centuries. Kayastor fought against Fordox, and was finally killed by the Aldian god of lightning, Axial, who was overtaken by his spheres, before Alorn finally separated from him, becoming freed to his own accord.

Personality Edit

Not much is known of Kayastor's personality, except that he is (naturally) insane and chaotic, with tricks up his sleeve which even Aldis or Traxis would not know. He is also known to have an evil intent, therefore siding with Traxis in hopes of inflicting insanity upon others.

Appearance Edit

Kayastor appears as a large humanoid beast, wielding a long bladed sword, and with horns which curve upwards from his head. His mid-section glows a crimson red.

Powers Edit

The God of Insanity is known to have the power to blast others into insanity for a temporary time, sometimes even causing enemies to attack anyone of both the same team, and the enemy side. It is unknown if he hosted all of Alorn's powers along with Alorn himself or not.