Joruscel, more commonly known generally as simply "Jorus", is the God of Pessimism and Optimism. He constantly switches from one side to the other, making him a somewhat unique god in terms of both personality and overall concept. He was neutral for a short time, and then joined Traxis after he was freed from his master Ventarakk's binding, shortly after his death in the royal throne room. Despite being referred to as male, Jorus is truly neither, his tones are reverbing, with a medium octave voice. So, therefore, Jorus is not truly male nor female. His title, the man of two, refers to his dual persona function, the golden eye representing optimism and the bronze eye representing pessimism.

History Edit

As well known, Jorus remained inactive until after the first act of the war. Due to himself being binded to Ventarakk with magical force, he could not act of his complete own accord, and therefore was neutral. The closest thing possible to Traxis with the bond still in effect. However, after Ventarakk was killed, the Man of Two immediately gloated of his own freedom, siding with Traxis the moment after betrayal. Jorus later confronted the Wisdom Goddess, Astalia, along with Exotis and Uxol, for information.

Personality Edit

In his pessimism attitude, he is sulky and indecisive, often agreeing in battle that he will be killed, only to slaughter his enemy. While he is in his optimism form, he is courageous and happy, telling lame jokes about other gods. He is confident during his Optimism form. He constantly switches back and forth from optimism to pessimism, and the other way around.

Appearance Edit

Not unlike Morbus, the God of Insects, Jorus takes the form of a floating silver mask, with one bronze eye representing pessimism, and one gold eye representing optimism.

Powers Edit

Jorus has not been physically seen in combat, so any powers he may have are unknown, besides the fact that he can shoot beams to instill pessimism or optimism into enemies or allies, depending on his mood/form.