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The God of Bone served under Traxis for a short time before being killed by Embrax ultimately, in Astalia's library after leading his forces of Gods, skeletals, and undead. His attacks were mainly ineffective, as he had been unfortunate enough to be the first to combat Embrax after his slumber.

History Edit

The God of Bones was a supporter of Traxis, and led the first battle along with Legath, an Elite, spawning hordes of skeletal creatures alongside Zukra's demons during the events of the story. Along with the Elite, and another God accompanying them, cloaked in shadows, he readied to attack Astalia, just as Embrax dawned upon them and challenged the God of Shadow to a duel, to which Legath declined and instead offered the God of Bone as he engaged Astalia. The battle was short lived and eventually ended with the fire beast engulfing the God of Bone, whose attacks were apparently ineffective, and melting his body.

Personality Edit

Nythris was generally seen to be thick skulled, and dumb, being a skeleton and warrior of the undead. This proved to be true when he easily fell for Embrax's tricks and lies, before it led to his death, finally being killed because of his utter stupidity. He was known to be decently strong before Embrax came out of his slumber and killed him, ending his life and taking his powers for his own.

Appearance Edit

The God of Bone appears as a humanoid, skeletal creature with glowing, yellow eyes from within the deep sockets of his skull. Otherwise, he seems to be emaciated, and is draped with an ebony cloak which extends into a hood over his head, frayed and viciously torn in some places.

Powers Edit

Known for his skill in the undead tier, Nythris could summon skeletal warriors to fight at his side, meanwhile possibly causing opponents' bones to become somewhat brittle. He wields a long bone scythe, and possibly a sword of the same material.