God of Emotions

Exotis, Eye of the Soul is the God of Auras and Emotions. He manifests in the form of a floating golden eyeball most of the time. He serves Aldis loyally, as more of a defensive God and advisor.

History Edit

Exotis served Aldis for a long five years, staying by his side during the entire war against Traxis. Exotis is also known as the All Seeing, not only being an eye but being able to sense and even sometimes control the emotions of others around him. He usually does whatever Aldis commands him to do, proving him a very loyal companion.

His service to Aldis was, however, short lived, in favor of taking Uxol's side in the great war, while he was under the influence of death's memories. Soon, he and Uxol had worked out a plan, a plan to hunt Astalia for the locations of the elementals, and then to find their location, their intention unknown for the time being. However, it is hinted that Exotis is quite bitter of the alliance, viewing it as more an opportunity for Uxol to gain a servant rather than an accomplice.

Personality Edit

Exotis is known to be either focused on one emotion at a time, or emotionless. Usually, however, he does not feel sadness or despair, those feelings being faint to him and, backing this up, changing the eye's color to grey. He is also known to be somewhat ambitious, and expendable, rather easy to trick, however he is also very manipulative, always seeming to find ways to goad others into his paths.

Appearance Edit

Exotis appears as a floating eye, surrounded by some type of energy. Usually the eye is golden in color, however the color changes with his emotions, though mostly the eye is golden. It is thought that it is impossible to look directly deep inside the eye, for horrors which cannot be cured are rumored to lie within the dark depths of the Eye.

Powers Edit

Not much is known of Exotis' powers, except that he can sometimes control the emotions of others around him at will. He is also known to read auras and locate an enemy within a short distance, as well as read thoughts and emotions.

Trivia Edit

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