Embrax is the elemental god of fire. He is the first element to have formed his own body and also the oldest of the four. Long before the ancients were completely beaten back Embrax was cast down by the god of night whose name is lost to time. He slumbered then, regaining his power until recently at the start of the war where he was reborn in his destruction phase. He sought to destroy Myth and rule the ashes and nearly succeeded after he found an ancient of fire and began a ritual to release it at full power.

Aldis canceled these plans when he confronted and defeated Embrax. As his burnt out husk rested on the ground a spark ignited in the ashes that triggered an explosion. Like a phoenix Embrax was reborn in the phase of Rebirth and swore to help Aldis's cause then in retribution for the damage he'd caused before.

He has since found Amanzi and set off to unite the four elements under Aldis.

Embrax IS the sphere of Fire, Rebirth, and Destruction. He controls the sphere of Bones.