Shadow King by Versica12

Backstory Edit

Drega'Mire was once the son of the God Malyc, but then he was killed by a god named Rory. Drega'Mire has since been a soul alongside Death. He spoke with Death one day, saying he would like to become a god and try to avenge his father. Death allowed him to begin a new life. Through sheer force of will and a strange occurrence made Order into his sphere. Then, in hopes of having enough strength to survive, Phantoms appeared and follow him, as reminders of his past. This sheer amount of power entering his soul allowed him to also merge his spirit again and create a body out of Night and Myth itself.

Since Becoming a God Edit

Drega'Mire has become the god of Balance and Phantoms and has began to fight against the Corruption. Currently fighting Rory, Forge Dude