Acturo serves on the Inner Council, using his speed not only in battle but to relay orders from Aldis to important locations in Myth within seconds. Acturo is the god of Speed, Teleportation, and Agility. Quick thinker. Man of his words.

History Edit

The God of Speed is likely to have been one of the latest additions to the royal council, being a more recent God to have revealed himself to Aldis and choosing his side. After revealing himself, just before the war, Acturo used his powers of speed to send orders quickly to troops all across Myth, allowing for improved tactics and mobility for Aldis' armies and strongholds. Therefore, he became an important part of Aldis' plans, for he was used to give commands to anyone of Aldis' side or to bring important information to Aldis when necessary, becoming possibly the most important member of the inner circle.

Eventually, when Death's army faced against Alorn's corruption forces, Acturo made an appearance and came into play in the battle at hand; there, he faced off against Death, with the help of several of the inner circle, eventually beating Traxis' own elites back while killing Death, ending the first act of the war with a joyful Aldis victory.

Personality Edit

Acturo is a man of his words, honest and truthful, a speaker of justice. A quick thinker, Acturo is sometimes able to anticipate an enemy's action beforehand, allowing for very quick reflexes, and more time to react and plan for the incoming move. He, like many of the Traxian and Aldian elites alike, is very ambitious, and enjoys travelling around, as well as working with his allies to subdue an enemy.

Appearance Edit

Acturo is somewhat similar to Nomani in appearance, with short black hair and pale skin, also choosing a long sword as a preferred weapon. His armor is a mixture of dark gray and dark brown.

Powers Edit

Acturo can travel long distances in short amounts of time, causing him to become of great use when in war. When at full health, Acturo can teleport at will without channeling to almost anywhere across the battlefield, as well as dodge attacks easier and more efficiently, sometimes causing said attack to slam into an ally, as his main tactic when in battle.